One thread isn't a tapestry, and one melody isn't a symphony, and one story isn't a history.  But taken together, a thousand threads weave into a tapestry, and the most beautiful symphony is simply layers of individual melodies.  Likewise, at Champion, we don't see the history of the school as a long monologue; we see it as a collection of stories.  And the stories of our alumni are the ones we never tire of hearing.  Here in the Alumni Stories, you'll meet real graduates of Champion who have gone on to have successful and impactful careers in many different fields all across the globe.  So pull up a chair and listen---and let our alumni tell you a story.

    Breanna Kemp

    B. S. in Secondary Education, 2020

    "I am extremely grateful for the training I received while at Champion Christian College. I was trained to grow not only academically, but spiritually. During my time at Champion, I was able to participate in and observe live classroom settings throughout my education courses. This greatly motivated me to continue pursuing a degree in education and consistently grow as an aspiring educator. Regarding my spiritual life and walk with Christ, Champion provided many opportunities to get plugged in to the church and church inspired college events. While at Champion, I participated in worship, nursery, and regularly attended Ignite (a monthly worship service for college students). Overall, I am very glad to have attended Champion Christian College for my training as an educator. As I am teaching today, I am grateful to have participated in a hands-on education from a Christian worldview, as I can portray this same thing to my students today." -- Breanna Kemp, pictured here at Arkansas Christian Academy, where she teaches middle school English and elementary/middle Spanish as well as coaches middle school volleyball

    William Whitelaw

    B. S. in Sports Management, 2016


    "Being one of the first graduates at Champion that went through the sports management program, I'd say the teachings and learnings from my time there equipped me to have the do-it-all type mindset that I now carry over to the real sports world that I work in. From public relations to social media management, I've kept that type of mentality since my days in Hot Springs."  --- William Whitelaw (right), pictured here at Fenway Park with World Champion Middleweight Boxer Demetrius Andrade, secured by Whitelaw to throw the first pitch of the baseball game