Below is list of resources and information for students enrolled at Champion Christian College. If any student has questions or concerns about this information they should contact the college office at 501-623-2272.
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Document Downloads:

These documents are made available in a portable document file format. A PDF reader is required to open these documents.

Champion Student Handbook
Student Online Forms:

Complete these requests by filling out the online forms linked below.

Residence Hall Student Information:

The following is of items that resident students may bring and items that are prohibited. Any questions about items on this list or a question about an item you would like to bring, please contact your residence hall advisor.

Items to Bring:

  • Small refrigerator (Must not exceed 3.7 cubic feet)
  • Coffee maker
  • Electronics (laptop, tables, game console, etc.)
  • Personal mementos
  • Removable adhesive strips/sticky tacks for rooms
  • Linens and towels (standard twin-size beds)*
  • Cleaning supplies*
  • Medicine, toiletries, toilet paper and first aid supplies*
  • Microwave

An * denotes a necessary item. TVs and microwaves will be provided in the lounge area on each floor. If desired, you may bring a cooking appliance with closed-coil heating element for use in the lounge.

Prohibited Items:

  • Open element appliances (toasters, hot plates, broilers, open coil space heaters, grills)
  • Halogen lights
  • Candles
  • Dart boards or anything else that could puncture the walls
  • Air conditioners
  • Any items prohibited by law or by Champion Christian College policy
  • Firearms, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Materials not in accordance with the Christian atmosphere or Champion Christian College
  • Pets or other animals

Provided Items:

  • Bunk beds (standard twin size)
  • Armoire (wardrobe)
  • Washer/dryer (coin operated)
  • A/C
Campus Security Policy:

Please help us to keep our campus safe by following these few simple rules.

  • Never unlocking doors for anyone who is not a student or staff member. Visitors should be directed to the entrance on 5th Street.
  • Never give the keypad code to anyone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity immdediately.