Main Dates

2017-2018 Main Dates

Fall Semester 2017

August 7, Monday

August 12, Saturday

August 13, Sunday 2:00 P.M.

August 14, Monday

Staff & Faculty In- Service

Residence Hall Check-in

Orientation for All New Students

Registration/ Orientation

August 15,Tuesday Registration
August 16, Wednesday

August 17, Thursday

August 24, Thursday

September 4, Monday

October 2-3, Monday- Tuesday

October 9, Monday

November 20-24, Monday-Friday

December 4-7, Monday- Thursday

December 12, Tuesday

Late Registration

First Day of Classes

Add/ Drop period ends

Labor Day Holiday

Midterm Exams

Mid-term grades available

Thanksgiving Holiday

Final Exams

Fall grades available


Spring Semester 2018

January 6, Saturday    Residence Hall Check-in
January 8-9, Monday- Tuesday Registration/Orientation
January 10, Wednesday

January 11, Thursday

Late Registration

Classes Begin

January 15, Monday

January 18, Thursday

January 31, Wednesday 

February 28-March 1, Wed- Thur

March 6, Tuesday

Martin Luther King Day (no classes)

Add/ Drop period ends

Final day to apply for graduation

Midterm Exams

Mid-term grades available 

March 19-23, Monday- Friday

April 30- May 3, Monday- Thursday

May 3, Thursday

Spring Break

Final  Exams

Ordination Service

May 4, Friday

May 8, Tuesday


Final grades available


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