Main Dates

2018/19 Main Dates

Fall Semester 2018

August 13, Monday

August 20, Monday

August 20, Monday

August 21, Tuesday

Staff & Faculty In- Service

Residence Hall Check-in


Orientation/ Late Registration

August 22, Wednesday

August 29, Wednesday

September 3, Monday

October 8-9, Monday- Tuesday

October 15, Monday

November 19-23, Monday-Friday

December 10-13, Monday- Thursday

December 18, Tuesday

First Day of Classes

Add/ Drop period ends

Labor Day Holiday

Midterm Exams

Mid-term grades available

Thanksgiving Holiday

Final Exams

Fall grades available

Spring Semester 2019

January 3, Thursday Residence Hall Check-in/ Registration
 January 4, Friday Orientation/ Late Registration
January 7, Monday

January 14, Monday

January 21, Monday

January 31, Thursday

First Day of Classes

Add Drop period ends

Martin Luther King Day (no classes)

Final day to apply for graduation

February 18, Monday

March 4-5, Monday-Tuesday

March 11, Monday

President’s Day (no classes)

Midterm Exams

Mid-term grades available

March 18-22, Monday- Friday

April 19-22, Friday- Monday

April 29-May 2, Monday- Thursday

May 2, Thursday

Spring Break

Easter Break

Final Exams

Ordination Service

May 3, Friday

May 7, Tuesday



Final grades available




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