Where You Lead Us We Will Follow

“Where you lead us we will follow, where you lead us we will follow, we will follow you.”

These were part of the lyrics from the theme song for this years conference. Reflecting back on this week, I can clearly see where God has lead and asked me to follow Him. I can see it in the little things.

I have attended Teen Revolution since 2009 when it was called Impact. Going to conference with my youth group was usually just a fun, yearly trip we all took together. But that all changed in 2013. In the back of the room after the first night of preaching, I gave my life to Christ. Through Teen Revolution I became connected with Champion Christian College. Now as a student I have the opportunity to serve. I never would’ve imagined that God would lead me to help be a part of this conference in little ways. From folding t-shirts to packing boxes, God has lead me to be a very small part in Teen Revolution. I’m thankful to look back on these 2 weeks and see how God has moved. He is in the little things.

-Madisynn Stewart


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