Student Council

The hallways at Champion Christian College have been recently filled with poster boards and campaign slogans.  As Student Council elections are soon to take place, there isn’t a moment to spare if you want to be elected .  With the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasure, and class representatives all on the line.  Campaigns are in full swing.  You can’t walk around without seeing posters, filled with creativity, begging for your vote. The candidates are neck and neck; nobody knows who will win.

The Student Council is a great way for students at any level to get involved.  These seven elected individuals will stand as mediators between students and administration. This is a way to give students a voice.  If there is something they are desiring, the class representatives will bring it before the student President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer, to present it to administration. The excitement around campus is everywhere.

“I am eager to see how these elections play out”, said Vice President candidate Bre Burris. At this point, still anyone could win.  All the students are enjoying this opportunity to become more involved at Champion. Final speeches have been made and ballots have been cast.  The first meeting of the 2017 Champion Christian College Student Council is soon to take place!


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