Sarah Weidner Shares Her Thoughts About See You At The Pole



Name: Sarah Weidner

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Year: Senior

What is your heart behind this nationwide event?

“It is incredible how God chose teenagers rather than a staff member or somebody of that sort.  It also shows the power of God and how He can use anybody to accomplish a movement like this.  It is crazy how it is not just nationwide, but international.  How moving it is that students are having prayer in front of their schools.  We never know how big an impact something we do can make and what God can really do through us if we just seek Him.”

What kind of planning went into organizing this meeting of prayer?

“It started by mentally preparing through prayer and searching for ideas from other various schools to be a good steward of the day God appointed for this event.  I wanted to borrow ideas from other schools and such but in the long run, the only thing that matters was the prayer.  We could have five worship songs and somebody preach, but I didn’t want to lose the focus on what it was really about, which is prayer.  I researched songs we could sing, but none of them really felt right, but the one I decided on was what I felt that God brought to my mind.  That was the importance of prayer and seeking what God wanted for our school.”


What changes spiritually, do you wish to see as a result of collectively praying for our nation?

“We like to complain about our leaders, and we like to debate policy, but what is really important is what God wants for our nation.  So, I hope this helps us to remember that it is important to pray for our leaders and not complain about them.  Also, we must remember that God is in charge of our nation.  I’d also like to see it bring more unity to our school as we come together as a student body for one purpose.”


What would you tell a young high school or middle school student if he/she wanted to organize students at their school to meet for See You at the Pole?

“Start with remembering God’s purpose for the event which is focusing on prayer for our nation and for our leaders, and keep in a constant state of prayer prior to the actual day.  Get with other like – minded students who have difference perspectives on what could be done.  Find a way to get the word out to as many people in your school as possible, whether it is school announcements, chapel announcements (if it is a Christian school), or passing out flyers.”


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