Tiger Athletics

New Women’s Athletic Programs for Fall 2018

Exciting things are happening around the campus of Champion and you don’t want to miss out on any of it.  Faculty and board members have been working diligently to bring some new things to Champion.  Many of those things will be happening this upcoming Fall 2018 semester.  The campus will be growing and the opportunities for involvement will become endless. Champion Christian College is proud to announce the beginning stages of 3 new sports programs and the continued improvement of current programs.

There is anticipation for a Tigers Women’s Basketball team along with a revitalized women’s volleyball team.  And to help cheer on our men’s basketball team will be our new Tiger’s Cheerleading Squad. Recruiting is happening now.  Coaches, who will be announced shortly, are already designing uniforms and making phone calls.  The men’s basketball team is set to announce new coaching staff for the fall also.

The gym lights will never go out as practices begin and games start.  The excitement can be felt on campus from all students. These programs will be a chance for current students to try out and for new students to join the Tiger family.  Stay tuned as more announcements will be coming.

Christina Cheetham Head Cheer Coach

Darian Suarez Head Women’s Volleyball Coach


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