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Get Your Accredited Bachelor’s Degree!

We have very exciting news for our graduates and for other students with unaccredited Bachelor’s degree wishing to obtain an accredited Bachelor’s degree!


Champion received candidacy status by TRACS, Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, on October 24, 2017.  In addition, On October 27, Champion was authorized by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education for the institutional planning and development for the establishment of Champion Christian College, a new independent College in Arkansas. Candidacy status (pre-accreditation) is generally accepted by other higher education institutions. The candidacy status will only apply to awards granted in the Spring 2018. The College is on target to receive full accreditation by Fall 2018.


Champion Christian College is offering a pathway for anyone wishing to obtain a 2nd accredited bachelor’s degree, consisting of only fifteen additional hours (5 courses) which are being offered in the Spring 2018 semester.  These courses are taught in a traditional classroom, but can be viewed through “zoom” from anywhere. We will also evaluate the coursework and life experience to award to students prior learning credits for these five courses, resulting in many only having to complete two to three courses. For additional information please contact Claudia Kemp, Vice President of Academic Affairs at 501-623-2272 extension 411 or email at


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