Deans List

Dean’s List and President’s List

Congratulations to those that made the Dean’s List and President’s List.

Dean’s List 3.5-3.85 GPA

Nick Cantrell

Stacey Carter

Demarkiyo Devoil

Moriah Fisher

Katelyn Gipson

Nathan Harrison

Paul Lindley

Lydia Vidanage


President’s List 3.86-4.0 GPA

Abigail Bridgewater

Breanna Burris

Mary Cantrell

Ezekiel Capaci

Carie Cuneio

Jordan Elkins

Diana Gillespie

Jessica Hall

Lauren Hoffman

Breanna Kemp

Hayes Linville

Christa McCarthy

Ashlee Meyer

Danie Ortega

Stephen Sellers

Caleb Simmers

Madisynn Stewart

Allison Terry

Cashel Wikle



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