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Champion Senior, Laura Mendoza, Speaks of her Internship Opportunity

attach3209_20161108_080631Name: Laura Mendoza

Hometown: Knightdale, NC

Year: Senior

What is it like being involved with Gospel Light Christian School as a college senior?

“It has been an amazing learning experience for me as I have been able to work with students in high school and elementary school. I have had to learn how to work with teachers and how to handle different classroom situations. It has always been said to me that a teacher learns the most when they finally get to teach and be in the actual teaching environment. I got a head start and trust me, I have learned more than I’ve expected to learn.”

Is it a helpful experience for you to have this internship with the high school P.E. class?

“Yes! I have learned so much from simply doing a P.E. class with elementary and high school kids. I have worked with all different types of kids and it has been a fun opportunity. It has helped me prepare for my future lessons and gives me an idea of what to expect.”

What would you
say to an upcoming college student at Champion if he/she were to major in education?

“Get involved as much as possible! There are so many opportunities in the college to get involved with that will help you prepare for your future. I also want to be a basketball coach so not only am I doing an internship with the Christian school but I’m also doing an internship at the local public school where I can assist the basketball coach for the varsity girls. I never stop learning. I am excited for my future and feel very well prepared because I have been so involved.” 

Does Champion have good opportunities for education majors?

“Absolutely! I love all my education teachers. I have gone and observed in different classrooms in our community. We have class, learn a lot, and our teachers make sure that we are understanding the material. Observations are what help the most simply because you get to see ho
w teachers handle different situations in their classrooms and use different methods of teaching.”


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