Student Spotlight: Amber Workman

IMG_2478Student Name: Amber Workman

Hometown: Denver, NC

Year: Sophomore

How did you end up at Champion Baptist College?

I heard Preacher for the first time at a camp.  That was the first time I ever heard of Champion.  A year later, I went to a youth conference and heard the tour group sing.  Then I looked up the college online.  God placed on my heart that Champion was where I was supposed to be. I came for College Days in 11th grade, and God completely settled it in my heart.

When you first came here, what impressed you most about Champion?

I was impressed by the spirit in general and the family atmosphere.  I could feel God’s presence here.  Everyone was so on fire for God, and everyone watches out for you.

What were some of the reasons you choose to attend Champion?

I knew this was God’s will.  I didn’t know exactly what God wanted me to do but knew He called me here and that He would reveal it to me, and He did!  The family atmosphere, Preacher and staff, and the students were very real (no front).


Who is your favorite teacher this year and why?

Mrs. Sepe is my favorite teacher this year.  I took Church Office Procedures with her and expected it to be all about how to run the office.   Every single day, I wanted to come to class.  The things she teaches are just not about the office but are also about life.

Have you made a lot of new friends since being here at Champion?

Of course!  I have made lifelong friends here, even with ones that have gone different paths.  These are the friends that are just not friends but also ministry partners that will have my back.

What is your favorite part about Champion?

My favorite part is the amounts of growth and relationships.  It’s all about relationships. My relationships with the staff, friends, and Preacher are so strong, but my relationship with God has gotten so much better and real.

What has been your favorite memory since being here?

There have been so many good memories including dorm life, chapel, etc.  Everyday something different happens that is a lifetime memory!  No matter where I am, it has all been great memories!

What is one financial tip you would give to someone getting ready to go to college?

Save as much as possible before.  Even if you don’t know where you are going quite yet, be wise with your money.

What would you say to a prospective student considering Champion?

God has used this place to affect my life in such a way that I could have never imagined!  I couldn’t imagine Champion not in my life!  Everyone who comes here is going to receive a great relationship with God.  Champion is for everyone!


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