2015 Graduation Speaker


Dr. Herbert H. Lusk, II has been Senior Pastor of Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1982 and Founder and CEO of its community outreach non-profit organization, People for People, Inc., since 1989.

Formerly known in the NFL as the “Praying Tail Back” on the Philadelphia Eagles team for his signature drop to one knee and quick prayer after each of his touchdowns, he was recognized by tow documentaries by ESPN and NFL Films as the first NFL player to kneel and pray after scoring.  When asked what he was doing, he replied simply, “I was just giving thanks!”  Lusk left the team volitionally at an early age at God’s leading because he wanted to enter the ministry and do everything he could for those in poverty in North Central Philadelphia.

In 1982, Pastor Lusk accepted the call to pastor Greater Exodus Baptist Church.  When he accepted the pastorate at Greater Exodus, the church had eroded in its finances and its membership.  By 1982, Great Exodus only had about seventeen members, infrastructure damage of over $400,000, utility bills of over $32,000, and was on the brink of bankruptcy.  The immediate surrounding neighborhood of the church was drug and crime infested and the poverty rate was one of the highest in the country.

Pastor Lusk has led Greater Exodus to spiritual, fiscal, and membership growth and vitality.  Between 1982 and 1989, the church recovered from near bankruptcy, paid all its outstanding debts, repaired all its structural damages, and made infrastructure improvements in excess of $1,000,000!

During Pastor Lusk’s tenure at Greater Exodus, the church has grown form 17 active member to over 2,000 while countless thousands of others in need have benefitted from the work the Lord is doing through the ministries of Greater Exodus, both locally and in Africa.

The Republican National Convention in 2000 featured Pastor Lusk and Greater Exodus Baptist Church.  Credited to the immense work and leadership of Pastor Lusk, the President of the United States visited Greater Exodus Baptist Church in July 2001 as part of the promotion of the President’s faith-based initiatives.  President Bush also selected People for People, Inc. in 2004 from which to make a national announcement about his release of several billion dollars of relief to those countries hit hardest by HIV AIDS.  He did so because of the energetic work of Pastor Lusk in establishing the Stand for Africa Crusade for the same cause.  Greater Exodus is blessed and highly visible locally, nationally, and internationally because of the spiritual and compassionate leadership of Pastor Lusk.

Pastor Lusk is married to his beloved wife, Vickey, with whom he has three children, Herbert, Danuelle (Cedrick Watkins),  and Laiah (David Artis), and two grandsons, David Judah and Israel Andrew Artis.


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