Continuing Education


Champion Christian College is excited to offer a Continuing Education Program to residents of Hot Springs and the surrounding communities!!  We are “Under Construction” and looking for ways to be of service to those looking to learn in new areas of interest, or to further their knowledge with Intermediate or Advanced Training in those areas!


Please take the time to fill out our Survey!!  We VALUE your input!!!  As your suggestions come in, I will be setting up classes to meet your needs.  Please continue to check our Webpage to see what classes are on the calendar and for new information.


You may contact me at , or by calling me at 501-623-2272 ext. 310 if you have any questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for taking our Survey and being a part of this new Program. Our goal is to serve the community!


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Continuing Education Survey

Dear Participant, The Number of Classes to be held and Length of Class time is dependent upon the subject and the depth to which the subject is taught. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes in subject areas are the ultimate goal. Champion Continuing Ed Classes not only can be arranged on campus, but can be brought to your group meeting place or other designated areas (such as churches, businesses, etc.) to better meet your needs.
  • Class Options

    Dear Participant, Please check the areas in which you would be interested. The categories listed below are very broad, so please feel free to write-in a specific area of interest under any category.
    This area can include MANY ideas!
  • If you have an area of expertise and would be willing to teach/facilitate a Continuing Ed Class, please let me know by filling out the portion below. Instructors will also be paid for their time. We want to utilize the abundant resources we have right here in Hot Springs!!! Thank you!!!


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