Opportunities for Ministry and Social Outreach

Here at Champion, we believe the best classroom is hands-on experience. We offer a wide variety of ministries in which the students can be involved in. We believe here at Gospel Light and Champion Christian College that there is nothing more important than our Savior’s words in Matthew 28. We try to provide many tools and outlets here to help the student further the Gospel.

Below is a list of the many ministries offered at Champion:

Compassion for Children (C4C)

Here in the city of Hot Springs there are over 35,000 people. An estimated 25% of these people live in poverty. Our Compassion for Children ministry reaches specifically into the homes of these impoverished people. The unique mission of our Compassion for Children is to spread the Gospel Message into homes by providing a transportation service and activities for underprivileged youth of Hot Springs. Many of our students find this as a very rewarding ministry and have seen God change the hearts and lives of the people that He has let them be a part.

Teen Revolution

Champion students always have the opportunity to volunteer as part of the annual Teen Revolution youth conference.  Whether in advertising, singing, or simply helping with behind-the-scenes preparations, these students are able to contribute to the mission of Teen Revolution—creating a revival among young people across the nation.  Students can even participate in our Teen Rev rallies, one-day events held around the country to further the goals of Teen Revolution.

Small Groups- Ignite

Champion Christian College is affiliated with Gospel Light Baptist Church; consequently, Champion students have the benefit of attending functions of the church, such as small groups.  GLBC’s young adult ministry, Ignite, focuses on uniting and equipping college-aged people to handle the tough issues of today and impact the world for Christ.  Students will find that small groups such as Ignite are a powerful boost to their spiritual life and their sense of community at Champion.

Worship Team

Students with a passion for music are always welcome to join the CCC chorale, lead chapel worship, and/or join the Gospel Light Baptist Church worship team!  The chorale performs in various site throughout the year. It is led by Dr. Tom Bolton who is known throughout the community and the county. Leading worship provides a hands-on experience for anyone interested in leading worship.  The worship team at Gospel Light Baptist Church leads the musical portion of the service every Sunday morning, meeting on Saturday mornings for practice and encouragement.  As part of the GLBC worship team, students may sing or play an instrument—or both.

Bus Ministry

The bus ministry at GLBC is one of our oldest and most respected ministries.  As part of this ministry, students will be able to assist in its incredible mission—picking up families and children from the Hot Springs area and bringing them to church.  Students will be able not only to help with the procedural details but also to impact the lives of those riding the bus, forming long-lasting relationships that often lead to amazing changes.


Students who enjoy working with children will be excellent candidates to volunteer in the nursery. This ministry watches and lovingly cares for very young children on Sunday mornings, freeing their parents to benefit from the service without interruption or distraction. Those students who aspire to be elementary school teachers could certainly fill this role well, but any student may volunteer who has a heart for the Lord and a love for His little ones.

Community Outreach

Students will have periodic opportunities for social outreach within the Hot Springs community.  Instructors, pastors, and other authority figures will lead students in various service projects and acts of volunteerism.  In this way, students are able to impact their own community for Christ.


Students at Champion are provided with real-world experience in each of the degree programs offered.  Students can learn hands-on about the field they are majoring in.  Students have opportunities to partake in leading worship, teaching in a classroom, mentoring youth, or take a mission’s trip.  These are a few of the cultural and educational opportunities offered at Champion.

Nursing Homes

Gospel Light and Champion have the privilege to go into ten different nursing homes and minister to the elderly. This is a ministry that is always in need of more workers. It gives the student opportunities to sing, play an instrument, preach, and just to be a blessing to the residents and workers there.

Youth Ministry

This ministry involves working in our Wednesday Night Teen Gathering. The opportunities range from media, visual, small group aide, worship band, vocals and many more!

First Impressions

Did you know 95% of people visit the church web-site before they visit the campus? Did you know that if a guest is not greeted with a warm smile within five minutes of his/her arrival their chances of ever visiting again dramatically decrease? Here at Gospel Light and Champion, we hold our first impression ministry in high regard. Why? We want to remove every barrier for the unchurched and de-churched. For some of our upper-classmen, Gospel Light has our First Impressions ministry available.

Matthew 28:19-20 says: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Every one of the ministries offered here at Champion, center around the Great Commission. As Champions for Christ we are striving to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our Jerusalem, Hot Springs.


Champions chase dreams; to begin chasing yours, give us a call!