Assessment Plan


Champion Christian College (CCC) was founded in the fall of 2005 as an independent institution of higher learning to equip and to train Christian teachers, missionaries, pastors, youth pastors and music leaders to serve throughout the world. The college was begun with one-hundred four students and twenty-four faculty members. Champion Christian College offers educational programs in accordance with the view that Bible is the foundational authority for all faith and practice.

Champion Christian College faculty members are dedicated to teaching and equipping students to realize their God given gifts for His honor and glory.  It is our goal that each student realizes their God-given talents and comes to understand their life service and ministry responsibilities.

CCC is dedicated to improvement process for all educational programs and services. This process is driven by the mission of the college. CCC has established goals, objectives and expected outcomes for educational programs and student services.

Utilizing these expected and learning outcomes CCC has developed an assessment plan in order to fulfill and achieve these outcomes.  The assessment plan is a tool that will be used to measure our overall effectiveness of meeting our mission.

Statement of Mission

Our mission is to teach and to train regenerated servant leaders to excel spiritually, intellectually, and practically in professional ministries and selected lay vocations.

Assessment Plan


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