Alumni Spotlight

Mike Bui

Alumni Spotlight:  Jo Capaci

Josiah Capaci started attending Champion Christian College in the fall semester of 2011. He graduated in 2015 with a bachelor degree in Worship Leadership.

While in college, he was faithful in many different ministries such as the worship team, youth ministry, and bus ministry. “Working in all of these different ministries has expanded my experience in helping others and ministering to them”, Josiah says.

Josiah’s favorite memory in college is when the ball team won the last game of his career his senior year of college.  He played on the Tigers basketball team all four years of college.

Today, Josiah is a faithful member at Gospel Light Baptist Church where he also serves as the Worship Pastor.

When asked how the classes at Champion Baptist College have helped him, he replied- “The classes at Champion not only taught me about character and hard work, they also equipped me with the knowledge and experience that has allowed me to be successful in my life calling. The classroom time was where I was able to hear and write down the knowledge of the teacher, while there were also plenty of hands on experiences. Being able to use what I learned in the classroom and immediately apply the knowledge in my field of study to everyday ministry made me become a better student.”


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