At Champion, we place a strong emphasis on academic performance, and we provide you with classes that are challenging and relevant to your area of study.

We feel that every student should work hard to develop their character inside and outside of the classroom. Getting a degree from Champion is not easy, but it is an accomplishment you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Champion Catalog
Degree Programs

Champion Christian College degree programs are designed to equip you to further the Kingdom of God. Please note that we are available by phone 501-623-2272 ext.401 or email to answer any questions you may have regarding our academic programs. LEARN MORE →

  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries
  • Associate of Arts in Professional Studies
Digna Wilkie

Digna Wilkie, Registrar
501-623-2272 ext.401

Academic Honors

We congratulate the students named to this semester’s President’s List and Dean’s List. Their academic achievement has been outstanding and we recognize these students with pride. LEARN MORE →